The 5 Trends in Swimwear in 2018

When it comes to swimwear, 2018 is a revolutionary year. Different swimwear styles are now all the rage. Anyone packing for a beach vacation just has one thing in mind, the swimming costume.

When it comes to apparel, styles and trends follow a circular pattern, and this includes swimwear.  A lot of consideration has been put towards the material being used. The fabrics and the variety of styles and prints are of great importance. With inspirations from columbian swimwear, these styles and prints are fused and blended to create extremely classy and sophisticated pieces.

According to the market forecast, the global swimwear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.77% over the period 2014-2019. This is most likely due to the growing inclination of people towards beachy vacations and social media. And we can expect the swimwear sector to grow further year by year.

To know which styles of swimwear are trending in 2018, check these pieces out.


Featuring a top and bottom, this set is perfect for showing off your bikini bum. Designed to illuminate your curves to a whole new level, this style is all the rave this 2018. It comes with adjustable straps and also shows off your summer tan in a way that you will never forget. This piece comes in all the sizes from small to extra-large.


This adorable piece is designed with the aim of keeping the original style with smaller bottom coverage. It will not only accentuate your beach bum, but it will also show off your summer tan. The adjustable spaghetti straps are perfect for a comfortable and relaxed fit. The bottom and top pieces come in all sizes.


This is a nice sexy and tiny piece, one of a kind. It features Boa print and is perfect to show off your bum. Designed for moderate coverage, it shows off your tan so perfectly. This bikini is made to offer you total freedom and to let your entire skin not only get maximum tan but breathe extravagantly.

PAKOLEA One Piece // Rose’

Presented as one piece, this style comes in a wide range of sizes from small to extra-large. With this charm, you are not only able to own a stylish costume but also enjoy your day at the beach with your full confidence. This piece is perfect for showing off your beautiful bum and illuminate you tanned skin tone.

MITA top X ARUBA bottom // CoCo White

This is one of the most elegant pieces of the season; it comes with the top as bandeau. You can choose to wear it with sleeves or just bandeau. This style is good for most body types. It is ideal for showing off your bum and accentuating your tan.

Every season has its own styles that come and go. 2018 is no exception. No wonder there is an explosion of some of the boldest and most awe-inspiring pieces we have ever seen in a while.

Perfect Deals for You Now In the Choice of Watches

Despite the fact that today’s wristwatch has lost its relevance as a time meter, because any phone, tablet or other mobile device with the functionality of information transfer is able to indicate the exact time. The watches became a bright accessory of the stylized wardrobe, and are a sign of the intellectual orientation of the owner’s personality, his social status.

For a busy business person, even seconds can be decisive, and digging in your own pocket in search of ipod or another miracle of technology, in order to know what time, just not solid. Therefore, they can be considered to some extent a luxury, and the choice of wrist watches is similar to the selection of a gift. “Sentry” market offers a wide range of models of different quality, so the question of how to choose a men’s watch as a functional accessory is a strategically important issue. Be it the William L. 1985 Watches or the others, you will have to have the best options for the same now.

What is the basis of the choice

The mechanism of the clock is their main component, which determines their class. First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of mechanism:

Classical mechanics, based on the spring mechanism, despite the low accuracy of the stroke, the need for periodic winding and the high cost of repairs, is considered very prestigious.

  • Therefore, modern models are not cheap, and they are manufactured from the middle class of quality. Naturally, the work of a quality mechanical watch does not depend on batteries or batteries.
  • The mechanical men’s watch is an eternal classic, which is distinguished by an enviable resistance to external influences and at the same time the prestige of such an accessory is always recognizable. But because of the rather high error due to the features of the spring mechanism, quite often have a quartz or electronic mechanism inside.
  • Quartz wrist watches – the most common and popular version of watches, having a quality from the lowest to the high. The mechanism of such watches is based on a quartz electronic assembly, powered by a battery and driving mechanics.
  • The quality of the watch is based on the traditions of the manufacturer, i.e. It clearly indicates the relationship of the celebrity brand with the quality of its products. Modern trends have touched and brands that were created during the time of mechanics. Therefore, in new prestigious collections, you can find a lot of electronic (quartz) specimens.

Electronic wristwatch is a “gift” of the electronic revolution. They have many built-in functions, and models come from a simplified “hourly” functional set to an expanded one with a built-in calculator and a notebook. Electronic fans are usually chosen for progress. The My Gift Stop happens to be the best option here.

Smart Options for You Now

The case is the second one, which is worth paying attention to, because it ensures the reliability of the watch and sets the style for them. Finishing the case, glass, bracelet – are already additional factors of choice. Good uniquely made of metal, and plastic is used in cheap low-quality models. The body is necessarily marked for moisture resistance, but this parameter is in no way connected with the quality of the mechanism, because Water resistance is more of an additional function.

Glass, as an integral part of the body, indicates the quality of the model: plastic – simple and cheap; crystal – middle class, mineral glass is installed on the model of low and middle class; sapphire – high-strength “hourly” elite.

What does ourwardrobe absolutely need?Bags, scarves and Pantone’sTokyo shoes.

The world of fashion changes enormously every year. But there are clothes and accessories that always stay with us and that are essential in order to make our outfit great.

Bags are probably women’s best friends. They can never be missing. Bags are not only useful, but they can also give to the entire outfit the uniqueness it needs. Spring and summer give us the possibility to play with any type of model and color. Some of the colors of this year, like purple, yellow, lavender and military green, are going to fill our wardrobe and dominate our choices.

We can say the same thing about light scarves. They are essential during a windy day, but they can also give the particular touch that our outfit is missing. A floral silk scarf can really save the day by giving color to a dress apparently devoid of light.

Shoes are maybe our favorite part. They are never enough and we never get tired of buying them. The best choice is always the one that’s able to combine style and comfort. Is it really possible?

Pantone gives the possibility to choose among numerous different models of footwear. Tokyo shoes are the perfect example of originality and uniqueness. Their particular colors give a touch of modernity and youth to any type of outfit. As a matter of fact, colors are the real peculiarity of this unique model.

Tokyo shoes offers various colors to choose from. The silver ones are perfect both on jeans or on more elegant trousers. We can say the same for the color called mood indaco. They are so different but also really similar because they can be combined with anything we want. The most particular color is probably the one called frosted almond. It can be the ideal choice to make really unique any outfit.

Comfort and style are always mixed together in order to create a great and sophisticated combination.

We can only imagine the power of the right accessory. Everything can completely change our day if it’s combined in the right way.

Flower Buying Guide for Women

Buying flowers is definitely a good thing. And buying flowers for the woman of your life is a big thing. But an easy thing? Not really. There are so many flowers to choose from, and so many colors and floral arrangements that it’s hard to know where to start. This can be even more difficult if you buy more than one bouquet; a flower arrangement for your wife and one for your daughter, mother or sister.

A man could ask him for his favorite flower, but that would be selling the wick. He could also simply choose a bouquet himself. In any case, most women will appreciate the gesture. But, to surprise even more, we offer you the following guide to choose the ideal and appropriate bouquet of flowers for your wife or your girlfriend, your parents, friends and colleagues.

Also consider the nature of your relationship, personality and style; does she prefer immemorial traditions or is she more adventurous who likes to have fun and savor surprises? Is she a romantic who loves traditional roses? She is ecological and loves the land and nature? So, a plant is probably a good choice. Does it have exotic tastes? She could therefore love orchids and other tropical arrangements.

Flowers to buy if you are in a long term relationship

Nothing expresses passion better than red roses, better known as the lover’s rose. They are seductive and attractive, but also classic and elegant. The red roses make a superb bouquet and reveal an intense romantic love.

 Learn more about how to please you future life on Abel Prasad.

If, however, you have given him red roses in recent years and you want a variation on the same theme, there are several ways to proceed.

You can choose roses, but try a new color, like orange. Or you can stay with the red color and choose another flower. Red tulips are a beautiful and sophisticated choice. It is said that the velvety dark center of the tulip resembles the heart of a lover, clouded by the heat of passion.

Another option, of course, is to mix roses or tulips with other flowers, which adds another meaning to your bouquet. For example, the aster is a flower of love, but much less famous than the rose.

Pink alstroemerias express devotion and pink oriental lilies represent prosperity. Peonies also represent romance and are considered a sign of good luck and a happy marriage.

Flowers to buy if you are not in a relationship, but you really like it

The purple roses and lilacs symbolize love at first sight.

So, assuming you do not want to tell him yet, your best option is a mixed bunch. Some red roses will indicate in a subtle way that you are interested, without exaggerating. Orange roses also mean desire, and a mix of orange, salmon and white roses is exquisite.

Or you do not want to be conventional and prefer something more unusual, like birds of paradise that represent joy and of course, paradise. This traditional and striking flower would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or just before you both take a beach vacation.

The bird of paradise is a very pretty flower to have at home, think to buy two.

Similarly, an orchid makes a beautiful gift both unexpected and exotic. She will know without a doubt that you think she is important to you.

Flowers to buy for a friend or colleague

Just as the red symbolizes romance, the yellow reflects the warmth and pleasure of enjoying the company of another person, that you laugh the same jokes and that you share similar interests. Roses or yellow tulips make beautiful bouquets send a message of joy and cheerfulness. Sunflowers are also a surefire way to beautify someone’s day.

Daisies and freesias symbolize innocence and friendship and make a unique gift that your friend will remember. Many women love the charm of daisies and freesia is a particularly fragrant flower. Be specific when signing the card: “Thank you for your help on the project” or “You are a great friend.”

These guidelines also work for a first appointment. Once you’ve asked him and planned where to go, a simple bouquet is a wonderful gesture. Then the card can say, “I’m really happy to have met you” or “I can not wait to see you tonight.”

Buy flowers for the women of the family

Looking for flowers to brighten mom’s Valentine’s Day or just to tell her you’re thinking of her? The perfect choice is the pink carnation. This is because they are a symbol of maternal love.

Pink roses also express gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Pink flowers at any time of the year show how much you care about someone. White makes a nice accent in these floral arrangements.

While you are there, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and daughters are sure to appreciate the beauty, delicacy and grace present in a bouquet of fresh flowers. Once you understand the principle, buying flowers is not difficult at all!

5 recent trends which are revolutionizing Youth Fashion

People judge you by appearance, whether it’s external or internal. While you can experiment with inner engineering to transform yourself, we have the latest clothing trends to transform your outward appearance. Synchronizing with the evolving trends is crucial to demonstrate your style quotient amongst your peers and onlookers. We have stepped into the spring season and summer is not too far away. Check out the following trends that are revolutionizing youth fashion in 2018.

Evergreen Checks

Checks come and go but they are certainly here to stay. The pattern and size of the checks change but they can be charming enough to rev up your style quotient. At the same time, overdoing checks can be a disaster as well. So how you do you maintain the balance to avoid being the odd one in the crowd?

You can opt for checks for both formal and casual occasions. For example, a classic suit with broad checks will be an ideal outfit for the night. Checked trousers, sneakers, and a polo t-shirt can make your day. Try different combinations but don’t opt for an all-checks dress code.

Dare to Adorn Tonal Clothing

You must have been listening to the advice that contrast is the key to stand out in the crowd. True, but if everyone tries the same trend, where do you stand out? Instead of going for contrasts, try out tonal clothing this season. If you are feeling that it will look monotonous, well, that’s not the case.

Simple attire could be dark blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. You can supplement this style with a pair of shoes in a shade of blue. Abiding by the rule of three is the ultimate tip in the tonal segment. You can also choose a layered setup to elevate the oomph factor.

Sassy Prints

The days are gone when you had a limited set of prints available in the market. With the advent of innovation and technology, the creative tribe is experimenting with unique prints. You have the option of ordering t shirts online from an online store. And the option is not restricted to t-shirts, the inventory comprises of jackets, blazers, joggers, boxers, bags, and so on.

The prints can range from floral prints to superhero characters or from cult movie dialogues to slangs in local languages. The possibilities are endless for seekers in the print segments.

Go for Vertical Stripes

Stripes are the most common and outdated ones. But you can differentiate stripes in two basic categories – horizontal and vertical stripes. We would recommend opting for vertical stripes as horizontal stripes are too common to flaunt. Now, don’t opt for a complete vertically-striped outfit as it will be a disaster.

The thickness of the stripes is also a factor. If the single stripe is your preference, the thickness can vary from medium to high. And if double stripes are an affinity, go for thin stripes coupled together in a pattern.

Side Strips

If you want to abide by the basics, side strips pattern is an unavoidable trend. This style is most prominent in bottom wears such as joggers, shorts, lowers, trousers, and so on. The contrasting side strip complements the attire in a significant manner. The side strips are mostly seen in sportswear. So if you want to flaunt a sporty style, we strongly recommend side strips.

Further, this trend is minimal yet classy. If you don’t like to spend time in selecting your attire, you can opt for this style this spring and summer seasons. To realize that side strips are in, you need to step out and see it for yourself.

The gorgeous and all-purpose tote bags

Ladies love flaunting leather handbags and purses. And when it comes about style meeting versatility, there is only one name, and that is Tote bags. Quite often women carry them with themselves in various places. But to point out its good thing which is its simple designs and overall its pleasant look. It has been quite a time when tote bags launched in the market. However, its demand always remains persistent among customers no matter what the trend persists. Among many reasons of loving a tote bag, a few mentioned over here.

Reasons to love a tote bag

Tote bags start doing rounds in the 20th century in the fashion world. Initially, it got a slow response from the customers which begin rising from the mid of century. Nowadays, Tote bags are part of the wardrobe of women of all age group. In fact, celebrities also found carrying these bags. What are the critical features of tote bags that gives it an edge over many other handbags? Well, there is a list of advantages of it and not just one or two. It won’t be wrong if we say that it is a practical and stylish version of women handbags.

The first advantage of tote bags is it provides a lot of space that is sufficient to fit all your essentials. With tote bags in your hand, you can pack even your laptop and wander around to places. The second feature is a tote bag is it will look stylish on whatever you wear. So, whatever your mood says to wear be it ethnic or casual or formal, you indeed don’t have to worry about which handbag will go with it unless you have a tote bag. The top brands in handbag offer leather and cotton made tote bags which are right in the long run. Of course, leather goods used for many years. You can even think of giving it to someone who needs it later. Also, these natural fabrics are skin friendly are environmental friendly as well.

Personalised tote bags a distinguishable gift for the woman you love

For gifting purpose also tote bags are an appreciable one since it is worthy and liked by most of the women. For a personal touch, peeps are going to customized tote bags. Undoubtedly, such bags will trip them down to the memory lane. Such bags hold an image or name or riveted something like that over them. These get customized through a series of a process carried away by most of the leather goods selling brands. One can buy tote bags available at the store on a small budget. Handmade tote bags are also much popular in the peeps across the world.

Furthermore, you can also try and create a tote bag yourself. It is easy and fun to do a task in your spare time which will result in some serious creative bags. For that matter, self-made tote bags will look no less than those brought from branded stores. You can use them for yourself or gift it to someone.


What makes woodland the best brand to buy trekking shoes?

Every trekker needs a right pair of shoes to climb a mountain. Shoes are very important as a trekker will be seen mostly in his shoes and he seldom gets them off. So, they need to be of high quality. Among all different trekking shoes, it is said that Woodland is the ultimate best and there is a reason for that. It has each and everything a trekking boot need to have. For getting the shoes, you can shop from online and offline both. Now you are thinking, what are the features the trekking shoe have which makes it special. Experienced trekkers know that but for the people who don’t know, we are going to describe the things which are must in a trekking boot. So you can buy a good one for you too.

First of all, before going to buy boots, you need to know the nature of your trekking. That means how long will it take to complete and how much load you are going to carry. Everything depends on it event the type of boots may vary due to this information.

  • Hiking Shoes: These low cut shoes are very lightweight and have flexible soles made of rubber. The problem these shoes have is they offer very less support to feet. If you are going on a hike one day long or do not have heavy load then you can use these shoes. Some of the best brands of hiking shoes are Woodland, Himgear Wildcraft, Columbia, and Quechua.
  • Trekking Shoes: These boots have cuts lot higher than the hiking shoes. You can use them in rough terrains and they will give full protection to your feet. Additionally, they are water resistant. If you are going to trek on rough terrains with heavy luggage, you can go for them. Some of the best brands of trekking shoes are Woodland, Himgear, Quechua, Columbia, and Wildcraft.
  • Mountaineering boots: These big boots can protect your feet from every weather. They are very tough and can be used for any kind of trekking. In extreme conditions, they are the best you can get. For carrying heavily loaded backpacks, longer treks, and trekking in harsh conditions these boots are perfect. Only the professional use this kind of boots as amateurs will take quite some time to be comfortable with these boots.

Other than different kinds of boots, there are different kinds of soles too.  Usually, you will see three types of soles.

  • Upper Sole: The impact of your whole weight gets on the upper part of the sole so it needs to be durable. Usually synthetic and leather is used to make these soles. The material must provide proper ventilation to your feet too.
  • Mid Sole: The comfort feature of a shoe comes from here. This makes the shoe stiff and also give cushion to your feet. While trekking in rocky terrains, it saves you from abrasive shocks. Usually, it is made of Polyurethane or EVA.
  • Lower Sole: It is the bottom part of the shoe and is responsible for the grip of the shoe.

Other than these you need to check on some other features too like-

  • Water Resistant: For hiking, the shoe must be water resistant as water inside the shoe will make you extremely uncomfortable and makes it very difficult to move.
  • Breathable: while buying, you must check that the fabric which is used to make the shoe is breathable or your feet may start to stink.
  • Compatible with Crampon: For trekking in the snow, the boots need to be compatible with mid-spikes and crampons.

Sports Bra 101: A Guide to Importance, Types, Fit, and Care

You’ve been into working out forever and you love all different kinds of exercise. You’ve had an ongoing relationship with the same five sports bras forever, and you’re not completely convinced they need to be replaced… ever. Realistically, with regular use, a sports bra can be replaced approximately every six months. While that’s probably more often than you switch out any of the other items in your closet, your body will thank you for the support. Quality, type, fit, and care are all factors to consider when selecting the right sports bra for you.

What’s Your Type?

Different kinds of sports bras are made from all sorts of material to suit low, medium, and high impact activities. Low impact involves minimal bounce, like walking or yoga. Medium impact activities might include dance classes and biking, while high impact would refer to running and jump-roping. Click here to learn more about different impact levels. You may even invest in a variety of different materials if you do lots of diverse activities during a typical week.

Sports bras function through two types of movement: compression and encapsulation. Compression is typically best for smaller cup sizes, and helps to press breasts closer to the chest to minimize bouncing and discomfort. Encapsulation involves separate cups for each breast, and cups each of them securely so that they stay separated and cushioned. The latter typically works best for larger bust sizes, including C cups and up. Once you decide upon the type of sports bra you’d like, then you can move on to fit.

How Do You Measure Fit?

The band and straps of a sports bra should be secure enough that only two fingers can fit between you and the bra. Most athletic bra bands are relatively thick to offer the most support possible. Straps might cross in the back, come over shoulders like a tank top, or form an “X” racer-back. Depending on your preference, you may find more support in thicker straps. Most women wear the wrong size sports bra and should opt for a smaller band size. When in doubt, ask a professional at a retail store for help with measuring and fit.

How Do You Best Care for a Sports Bra?

Keep your sports bras out of the dryer. The heat can break down elastic fibers in the bra and result in a shorter shelf life. Keeping heat away from the garment whenever possible is a good idea; wash them in cool water with mild detergent rather than warm water with bleach or other harsh chemicals. Replace them when you’re able to fit more than two fingers between you and the garment, which can vary in time frame depending on how often you wear them and what sort of activities you use them for.

Understanding the importance of type, fit, care, and importance of sports bras will help you to make informed decisions about the best ones to suit your individual lifestyle and fitness routine. Remember to check for snugness and to replace them when needed so that your body stays as healthy as possible.

7 sewing tips for beginners

New to sewing? Like any hobby, there are hints and tips to master to make it easier. Let us make the learning curve a little less steep by offering these 7 tips.

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Threading elastic

You probably know to use a safety pin to help thread elastic into a waistband but have you ever had the problem where the elastic gets caught in the casing of the pin? Avoid that by using two safety pins, one that you use to thread and the other holding the elastic.

Even stitching

If you are hand sewing and want to have even stitches, run the pieces through an unthreaded sewing machine first. That will give you guide holes to work from and ensure your stitches are perfectly spaced.

Straight stitching

An easy way to get a straight line to guide your stitching is to put masking tape down the edges of your fabric. It won’t mark the material and will give you a super-straight but flexible line to follow – and you can sew through it without damaging your needle. This tip doesn’t just work for fabric, Good Housekeeping recommend masking tape to help get your eyeliner straight too!.

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Tack pieces together from both sides, using different colour threads. Leave long tails, so when you pull the fabric apart it comes away easily and you have a sewing guide on both pieces you can easily follow.


Buy your fabric online to keep prices keener. Choose from a range of cotton fabric online from a reputable supplier such as Most companies will send samples if you want to see and feel the fabric before you buy.


If you want your buttons to have the look of a shank, but can’t find them in the style you like, you can create one with thread. Simply put something like a bobby pin or lolly stick (depending on how big your button is) and sew around. Once you’ve finished, secure the shank either by winding thread around or securing with blanket stitch.


Rather than making from scratch, scour charity shops for men’s shirts or larger blouses that you can re-make. Pin your pattern pieces on carefully to make use of pockets or pre-existing seams.

We hope that you’ve learnt something from this article. Happy sewing!

Insights: All You Need to Know About Overseas Weddings

Are you planning to have your wedding overseas? Well, you are about to join many people who find overseas weddings a hard nut to crack. However, with proper planning and the right information, it will be just another normal wedding to plan. One of your greatest fears will be the venue. Visiting wedding venues listing – will provide much-needed information about various locations from which to choose your desired country. Further, the website will also give you an opportunity to find other wedding services like a wedding planner. The insights below will highlight the best tips on how to hold your wedding overseas.

Use a Reputable Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding overseas is not one of the easiest projects and will require a reputable planner. It should be someone with all the necessary information about the destination country of your choice. If she or he does not have any ideas about some of the best venues, then this is not the right person to go for. The wedding planner should have planned some successful overseas weddings before. The importance of this coordinator cannot be underestimated when it comes to this kind of planning.

Most wedding planners will work with agencies that help people get travel documents and other immigration packages to make sure the travel to the wedding is a success. With such plans, the couple can get different packages ranging from typical to VIP packages. It will all depend on your budget and preference.

Choosing the Venue

After choosing the country of your destination, the couple must make some choices on various venues for their wedding. The first important venue is the church, mosque or temple for the wedding ceremony. The reception party venue is also another crucial venue to choose. Finally, the series of after party and prior parties will also require their venues. It is highly recommended that you choose venues that are close to each other for ease of movement while in a foreign country.

Securing Permits and Travel Documents

Even though the wedding planner and the travel agency will take care of the permits and travel documents, the couple has an obligation to make sure that all these documents are in place without delay. It is not worth it to cancel a wedding at the last minute because a visa was never secured or the venue did not get booked successfully. Doing all these ahead of time is one of the best options to go for.

Making the Travel Preparations

This kind of weddingcalls for preparations that resemble those of going on a long holiday. Therefore, it calls for further preparations than those of just the wedding. Packing must be done in time and include all attire for the wedding, parties, days prior and after the wedding. Be sure to pack your travel documents, flight and hotel tickets.


With such arrangements in place, you and your invited guests will have a successful wedding ceremony in any part of the globe. Keeping your wedding planner and travel agent in check is the key weapon for success in all these areas.