What does ourwardrobe absolutely need?Bags, scarves and Pantone’sTokyo shoes.

The world of fashion changes enormously every year. But there are clothes and accessories that always stay with us and that are essential in order to make our outfit great.

Bags are probably women’s best friends. They can never be missing. Bags are not only useful, but they can also give to the entire outfit the uniqueness it needs. Spring and summer give us the possibility to play with any type of model and color. Some of the colors of this year, like purple, yellow, lavender and military green, are going to fill our wardrobe and dominate our choices.

We can say the same thing about light scarves. They are essential during a windy day, but they can also give the particular touch that our outfit is missing. A floral silk scarf can really save the day by giving color to a dress apparently devoid of light.

Shoes are maybe our favorite part. They are never enough and we never get tired of buying them. The best choice is always the one that’s able to combine style and comfort. Is it really possible?

Pantone gives the possibility to choose among numerous different models of footwear. Tokyo shoes are the perfect example of originality and uniqueness. Their particular colors give a touch of modernity and youth to any type of outfit. As a matter of fact, colors are the real peculiarity of this unique model.

Tokyo shoes offers various colors to choose from. The silver ones are perfect both on jeans or on more elegant trousers. We can say the same for the color called mood indaco. They are so different but also really similar because they can be combined with anything we want. The most particular color is probably the one called frosted almond. It can be the ideal choice to make really unique any outfit.

Comfort and style are always mixed together in order to create a great and sophisticated combination.

We can only imagine the power of the right accessory. Everything can completely change our day if it’s combined in the right way.