What makes woodland the best brand to buy trekking shoes?

Every trekker needs a right pair of shoes to climb a mountain. Shoes are very important as a trekker will be seen mostly in his shoes and he seldom gets them off. So, they need to be of high quality. Among all different trekking shoes, it is said that Woodland is the ultimate best and there is a reason for that. It has each and everything a trekking boot need to have. For getting the shoes, you can shop from online and offline both. Now you are thinking, what are the features the trekking shoe have which makes it special. Experienced trekkers know that but for the people who don’t know, we are going to describe the things which are must in a trekking boot. So you can buy a good one for you too.

First of all, before going to buy boots, you need to know the nature of your trekking. That means how long will it take to complete and how much load you are going to carry. Everything depends on it event the type of boots may vary due to this information.

  • Hiking Shoes: These low cut shoes are very lightweight and have flexible soles made of rubber. The problem these shoes have is they offer very less support to feet. If you are going on a hike one day long or do not have heavy load then you can use these shoes. Some of the best brands of hiking shoes are Woodland, Himgear Wildcraft, Columbia, and Quechua.
  • Trekking Shoes: These boots have cuts lot higher than the hiking shoes. You can use them in rough terrains and they will give full protection to your feet. Additionally, they are water resistant. If you are going to trek on rough terrains with heavy luggage, you can go for them. Some of the best brands of trekking shoes are Woodland, Himgear, Quechua, Columbia, and Wildcraft.
  • Mountaineering boots: These big boots can protect your feet from every weather. They are very tough and can be used for any kind of trekking. In extreme conditions, they are the best you can get. For carrying heavily loaded backpacks, longer treks, and trekking in harsh conditions these boots are perfect. Only the professional use this kind of boots as amateurs will take quite some time to be comfortable with these boots.

Other than different kinds of boots, there are different kinds of soles too.  Usually, you will see three types of soles.

  • Upper Sole: The impact of your whole weight gets on the upper part of the sole so it needs to be durable. Usually synthetic and leather is used to make these soles. The material must provide proper ventilation to your feet too.
  • Mid Sole: The comfort feature of a shoe comes from here. This makes the shoe stiff and also give cushion to your feet. While trekking in rocky terrains, it saves you from abrasive shocks. Usually, it is made of Polyurethane or EVA.
  • Lower Sole: It is the bottom part of the shoe and is responsible for the grip of the shoe.

Other than these you need to check on some other features too like-

  • Water Resistant: For hiking, the shoe must be water resistant as water inside the shoe will make you extremely uncomfortable and makes it very difficult to move.
  • Breathable: while buying, you must check that the fabric which is used to make the shoe is breathable or your feet may start to stink.
  • Compatible with Crampon: For trekking in the snow, the boots need to be compatible with mid-spikes and crampons.