Flower Buying Guide for Women

Buying flowers is definitely a good thing. And buying flowers for the woman of your life is a big thing. But an easy thing? Not really. There are so many flowers to choose from, and so many colors and floral arrangements that it’s hard to know where to start. This can be even more difficult if you buy more than one bouquet; a flower arrangement for your wife and one for your daughter, mother or sister.

A man could ask him for his favorite flower, but that would be selling the wick. He could also simply choose a bouquet himself. In any case, most women will appreciate the gesture. But, to surprise even more, we offer you the following guide to choose the ideal and appropriate bouquet of flowers for your wife or your girlfriend, your parents, friends and colleagues.

Also consider the nature of your relationship, personality and style; does she prefer immemorial traditions or is she more adventurous who likes to have fun and savor surprises? Is she a romantic who loves traditional roses? She is ecological and loves the land and nature? So, a plant is probably a good choice. Does it have exotic tastes? She could therefore love orchids and other tropical arrangements.

Flowers to buy if you are in a long term relationship

Nothing expresses passion better than red roses, better known as the lover’s rose. They are seductive and attractive, but also classic and elegant. The red roses make a superb bouquet and reveal an intense romantic love.

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If, however, you have given him red roses in recent years and you want a variation on the same theme, there are several ways to proceed.

You can choose roses, but try a new color, like orange. Or you can stay with the red color and choose another flower. Red tulips are a beautiful and sophisticated choice. It is said that the velvety dark center of the tulip resembles the heart of a lover, clouded by the heat of passion.

Another option, of course, is to mix roses or tulips with other flowers, which adds another meaning to your bouquet. For example, the aster is a flower of love, but much less famous than the rose.

Pink alstroemerias express devotion and pink oriental lilies represent prosperity. Peonies also represent romance and are considered a sign of good luck and a happy marriage.

Flowers to buy if you are not in a relationship, but you really like it

The purple roses and lilacs symbolize love at first sight.

So, assuming you do not want to tell him yet, your best option is a mixed bunch. Some red roses will indicate in a subtle way that you are interested, without exaggerating. Orange roses also mean desire, and a mix of orange, salmon and white roses is exquisite.

Or you do not want to be conventional and prefer something more unusual, like birds of paradise that represent joy and of course, paradise. This traditional and striking flower would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or just before you both take a beach vacation.

The bird of paradise is a very pretty flower to have at home, think to buy two.

Similarly, an orchid makes a beautiful gift both unexpected and exotic. She will know without a doubt that you think she is important to you.

Flowers to buy for a friend or colleague

Just as the red symbolizes romance, the yellow reflects the warmth and pleasure of enjoying the company of another person, that you laugh the same jokes and that you share similar interests. Roses or yellow tulips make beautiful bouquets send a message of joy and cheerfulness. Sunflowers are also a surefire way to beautify someone’s day.

Daisies and freesias symbolize innocence and friendship and make a unique gift that your friend will remember. Many women love the charm of daisies and freesia is a particularly fragrant flower. Be specific when signing the card: “Thank you for your help on the project” or “You are a great friend.”

These guidelines also work for a first appointment. Once you’ve asked him and planned where to go, a simple bouquet is a wonderful gesture. Then the card can say, “I’m really happy to have met you” or “I can not wait to see you tonight.”

Buy flowers for the women of the family

Looking for flowers to brighten mom’s Valentine’s Day or just to tell her you’re thinking of her? The perfect choice is the pink carnation. This is because they are a symbol of maternal love.

Pink roses also express gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Pink flowers at any time of the year show how much you care about someone. White makes a nice accent in these floral arrangements.

While you are there, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and daughters are sure to appreciate the beauty, delicacy and grace present in a bouquet of fresh flowers. Once you understand the principle, buying flowers is not difficult at all!